What’s On in Edinburgh: Fringe Festival


All of us here at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill couldn’t be prouder of our city’s annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In our minds, style and art go hand in hand, and there’s no finer exhibition of the latter than the Fringe.


However, if you aren’t native to Scotland, it’s understandable that you might be a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of the festival – and how much is going on! In fact, many prospective visitors aren’t fully sure what the festival is – they come because its name precedes it!

So, are you here in Edinburgh for your first Fringe Festival? Read on for top style tips and more from the old hands over at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill today!


What is the Fringe Festival?

A story we never tire of telling, the Fringe Festival first came into being in 1947, when a group of performers arrived at the Edinburgh International Festival, unannounced and with every intention of presenting their skills – even if they weren’t on the official programme.


Instead, they performed on the outskirts, or the ‘fringe’ of the festival, which inspired the name still used today! As time went on, more performers followed their lead, until finally the Festival Fringe Society was formed in 1958.


The festival’s philosophy is all-inclusive. As they say, if you have “a story to tell and a venue willing to host [you]” then the Society is pleased to include you in the programme.


In fact, their main functions are simply to support the acts in building their event and helping audiences to make plans throughout this exciting month!


When is the Edinburgh Festival in 2017?

In 2017, the festival is taking place from 4th August to 28th August – there’s still plenty of time to get down and book a variety of sensational shows!


What to Wear to Edinburgh Fringe 2017

If you’ve been to Edinburgh before, we’re probably preaching to the choir; but an umbrella or hooded coat is a must. While we do see an –admittedly small – share of blue skies and sunshine in the city, the weather can change dramatically, and quickly!


On the plus side, our famous greenery wouldn’t be anywhere near as spectacular if we didn’t have a decent amount of rainfall!


However, as with any indoor events, some of the prominent Fringe locations can get very warm, so it’s best to invest in layers that you can easily whip on and off.


Finally, don’t forget your comfortable shoes – Fringe is not the occasion to wear your highest heels or those office-ready brogues. Particularly not if you end up walking from one side of the city to another!


For her



For him


Finally… don’t forget to take a break!

Rushing around in the large crowds can become a little intense. Make sure to take a break and relax for a short period of time each day, whether you head for a quiet meal in one of our award-winning restaurants or stroll through one of the best picnic spots in the city.


We all get caught up in trying to see as many shows as possible, but it becomes futile if you are stressed and rushed off your feet!



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Image source: Creative Commons CC0