The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Guide To Cashmere Aftercare



When looked after properly, cashmere garments will continue to feel soft and luxurious for years to come. Read our simple guide to cashmere after care and keep your investment piece looking its best wash after wash.


Step 1: Wash before wearing


We recommend machine washing your cashmere garment before use. This will remove the loose, shorter length fibres (known as surface piling) which build up over time.


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Step 2: Wash at 30°C


All of our cashmere products are fully machine washable and we recommend washing at 30°c. Washing cashmere garments at this temperature is not only kinder to clothes but also saves energy and running costs.


The most effective way to wash your cashmere is to turn the garments inside out and place inside a mesh laundry bag. Wash your garment using a non-biological detergent or a specialised wool / cashmere detergent.




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Step 3: Leave to air-dry


Air-drying is one of the biggest rules for looking after cashmere. Avoid wringing out the garment, simply lay it out flat on a towel and press lightly to remove excess water.

To ensure your garment stays in great shape, leave it to air-dry flat and keep away from direct heat and sunlight.

Once the garment is dry, pat it lightly with tissue paper to remove any excess moisture.


Step 4: Store in a clean and damp-free area


Avoid hanging cashmere garments as this may de-shape them. Instead store in a chest of drawers or cupboard ensuring the area is completely damp-free, clean and away from direct sunlight.


Top tip: Fluff build up is a natural characteristic of any well-worn cashmere garment due to the manufacturing process. We recommend purchasing a de-bobbling comb to easily re-move any piling that occurs.


Our Cashmere



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Cashmere comes from the Kashmir goat. The unique fiber is collected during the moulting season and it takes the fleece of more than two goats to produce one piece of knitwear.


Desirable for its ultra-soft feel and breathable warmth, cashmere has been a UK wardrobe staple since the 18th century. Scottish textile manufacturer Joseph Dawson pioneered the cashmere movement by importing cashmere shawls from India to his factory in Scotland.


Our cashmere is fully tested by laboratories accredited by ‘The Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute’. We offer one of the most extensive ranges of quality cashmere knitwear and accessories available. Browse our latest cashmere collection on-line or read more after care guides below:

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