The complete how-to guide to wearing summer jumpers

With higher temperatures and lashings of sunshine on the cards during the approach to summer, it might seem perfectly fitting to tuck your knitwear firmly to the back of your wardrobe – but try not to be so hasty towards these cosy staple pieces.
The word ‘knitwear’ often exudes visual images of chunky-knit sweaters and pure wool pieces; but although it’s often seen as a wintertime essential, there’s no reason why it can’t be incorporated into sophisticated looks all year round – especially in the warmer months.
That’s where summer jumpers come in handy; whether you find yourself shivering at the seafront on an overcast (and classically British) day, or are someone who simply feels the cold even when the sun is shining, a lightweight knit will never go amiss.
Keep reading and find out some of the best ways to continue wearing your go-to jumpers this season.

 Cotton is your new go-to

When the skies start looking less gloomy, we’d advise to ditch the chunky sweater in your collection for something a little more breathable. Don’t feel like you have to neglect knitwear altogether though – considering factors such as the type of material and pattern of the weave can drastically help when trying to keep cool.
Stick to natural fabrics or those with a wider weave, such as linen or cotton, as these are the most efficient at dissipating heat away from your body when the mercury rises.
Why not experiment with various textures and silhouettes too? Three-quarter sleeves, zip necklines and embossed patterns are bound to make a sophisticated yet cooling addition to your wardrobe.
Although cashmere pieces can make an indispensable, spring summer capsule wardrobe, styles made from insulating wool or synthetic materials should be avoided – that means that your Aran jumper is unfortunately better suited to the snowier seasons!

A lightweight, cotton jumper is a welcome addition to your summer wardrobe and offers breathable - yet sophisticated - wear on sunnier days.

Layering could be the solution

The sun may be out in full force during the day, but when the temperature drops at night and it’s a little too breezy for your liking, a well-fitting cashmere design layered on top of your daytime outfit is a great way to show off summer knitwear while maintaining a polished look.
Another alternative silhouette for springtime sophistication is in the form of a sleeveless jumper. Often a favourite among golfing enthusiasts, this cut is ideal for warmer weather; whether you’re scoring a birdie on the course or you want to add an extra dimension to your outfit, a slipover vest in a light fabric will be a wardrobe essential this season.
An airy cardigan may not be a wise choice for frosty winter mornings, but the style is definitely a summer knitwear staple. Try mixing different coloured cardis with neutral basics underneath for a contemporary appearance – wearing it open will make sure you stay at just the right temperature too.
Want to keep an extra layer as an option but reluctant to lug it around with you? Knotting a classic long-sleeved knit around your shoulders will keep your options open while adding a touch of class to your attire.

Draping a long-sleeved jumper in a contrasting colour over your shoulders keeps an outfit classic, yet practical.


Light colours are summer-ready

It’s a well-known fact that light colours are the go-to option on sunnier days; seen to be better at deflecting heat compared to darker shades, knitwear in neutral hues may be more likely to keep you looking and feeling cooler.
This time of year is also the perfect opportunity to venture outside of your fashion comfort zone by experimenting with different colours that you may not usually reach for on a daily basis.
Fresh, springy pastel shades are easy to pull off during the daytime. Pair a pink, cashmere cowl-neck or power blue crew neck with a pair of beige chinos or white jeans for a summery, tonal outfit.
If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous when it comes to colour, rock your boldest jumper to a family beach trip and use as the perfect swimsuit cover-up.

Knitwear in pastel hues and light colours will help keep you cool during the summer months.


A loose fit to keep you cool

It may be fairly common knowledge, but the tighter your clothes are, the hotter you’ll feel. Swap out clingier pieces for a more relaxed fit during the warmer months; roomier cuts or even the next size up will provide plenty of airflow and allow your skin to breathe!
A slightly oversized summer jumper will ensure you stay on-trend too – baggy sleeves and longer designs offer a laid-back feel and are ideal for daytime excursions. Whether you’re basking in the sun in your back garden or you’re enjoying a spot of brunch in your favourite restaurant, a casual jumper is a must-have piece.

Keep your jumpers slightly on the looser side for a casual, daytime look that’ll be bound to keep you comfy.

Shop the amazing range of men’s and ladies’ summer jumpers at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill and find a quality selection of cashmere and cotton designs to keep you cool during a heatwave!


Shop the amazing range of men’s and ladies’ summer jumpers at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill and find a quality selection of cashmere and cotton designs to keep you cool during a heatwave!