Ten Things You May Not Know About Royal Births


Congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who are now proud parents of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, born on Saturday 2nd May,  a beautiful  baby sister for Prince George.


its_a_girlphoto by:Kookkai_nak


By historical standards Princess Charlotte’s birth was very modern, straightforward and conventional.


Things haven’t always been like this so we have listed 10 facts that you may not know about royal births.


1: The fountains in Trafalgar Square had their water dyed blue when Prince Charles was born on 14th November 1948.


2: Later in December of the same year when Prince Charles was christened, in Buckingham Palace’s music room, water from the river Jordan was used, a royal tradition thought to date back to the time of Richard I.


3: In times past, royal households employed a wet nurse and a cradle rocker to help with a royal infant. Henry VIII had two official cradle rockers, each was paid the sum of £3 a year for this service!


4: The present Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, was born on the isle of Corfu in 1921 – on a kitchen table!


5: The name Charlotte is expected to become popular for little girls born this year and was chosen by the royals as it is the female version of Charles, but it also has a long royal history dating back to the 18th century when George III’s queen was called Charlotte.


6: Royal births need to be registered like any other baby, but the big difference is that royal baby births require the home secretary to notify the Lord Mayor of London among other officials.


7: Princess Charlotte was born in the private Lindo Wing of London’s St Mary’s Hospital, but the practice of a royal heir to the throne being born in hospital is a fairly recent thing. Charlotte’s dad Prince William was the first royal heir ever to be born in hospital, on 21 June 1982. The Queen was born at home in her parents Burton Street house in Mayfair, while Prince Charles was born at Buckingham Palace.


8: Princess Diana did not use pain control throughout her 16 hour labour when she gave birth to Prince William, unlike Queen Victoria who inhaled chloroform during the birth of her eighth baby, Prince Leopold, in 1853.


9: Royal births are celebrated with a 41 gun salute.


10: When baby Charlotte is christened the robe will be a copy of one that has been used since 1841 that was made for Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter, in fine Honiton lace lined with white satin, an exact replica was first used for Prince George’s christening on 23 October 2013.


summer_eventimage: CC0 Public Domain

Summer’s most special event


The royal christening is likely to takes place this summer, although no date or venue has been confirmed yet. Charlotte’s big brother, Prince George was christened in the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace, which is the most likely venue, but other recent royal christenings have also been performed in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace.

We are all sure to watch with interest, and like any special event or celebration, part of our interest will be in the outfits that everyone wears – who will be best dressed and will there be any fashion faux pas?





Do you have a special event planned this summer?


Summer is the most popular time to plan an event or special occasion, and when you are invited to an event, part of the fun is looking for something special to wear.


Top tip: when choosing an outfit, it is wise to go for something that looks stunning but that is also adaptable and comfortable to wear, as most events will involve eating, drinking and perhaps dancing.  Always remember that if you feel comfortable, you are more likely to look great too.