The modern wedding guest fabric: How to wear tweed for the big day

 Explore our top tips on what to wear to a wedding; just keep reading to learn why tweed is trendy!

A day packed full of love, happy memories and host to family reunions, it’s no surprise that weddings are seen as the most special day in a couple’s lives.

So what do you wear as a guest attending such a momentous occasion?

Choosing an appropriate yet contemporary outfit can often be an overwhelming task, especially when you have to blend seamlessly into a particular theme – but we have the solution.

Read up on what to wear to a wedding for men and women and why Harris Tweed wedding guest wear is the ultimate timeless fabric with a modern twist.

Why is tweed so on-trend?

When you think of a traditional wedding guest outfit, tweed may not always spring to mind. Though this classic fabric has remained popular through the years (particularly among those who like to showcase their confident British heritage), it appears to be rising in popularity – and we understand why.

Celebrities and nostalgic TV shows such as ‘Peaky Blinders’ and Netflix drama ‘The Crown’ have inspired the public to rock this material once favoured by aristocracy. Louise Baltruschat Hollis from Whimsical Wonderland Weddings told us:

Tweed is a really on-trend and increasingly popular fabric choice for grooms, groomsmen and guests alike at weddings right now.”

Christina Golian, Editor of We Fell in Love, told us that some of the most popular wedding dresses on their blog have been made bespoke from Harris Tweed fabric. She said:

“This year, we look forward to seeing tweed worn in increasingly inventive ways at weddings, and not only by grooms and male guests.”

What makes this timeless fabric so great?

Harris Tweed is a fabric crafted with an eye for quality, and knowledge of its rich heritage - a must-have for any wardrobe.  

According to Christina, aside from being an “incredibly stylish and versatile” material, adored by many of the world’s leading designers, fashion houses and independent clothing labels, the heritage and quality held in its fibres are what make Harris Tweed so special.

Christina is an advocate of this natural and sustainable fabric, and she told us why:

“Harris Tweed is durable, it can withstand rain and wind (always good here in Scotland!) and it lasts and lasts. The perfect investment piece that you can wear time and time again, that will never date.”

Follow the wedding style

One of our biggest hints for what to wear to a wedding actually comes from the invite itself. Depending on the location, time and dress code, you’ll often be able to figure out the kind of style that the bride and groom are planning for their big day.

If no specific dress code is mentioned, don’t panic! Even the design and font of the invitation can help suggest whether the event is black tie only or a more relaxed affair. Whatever the style, tweed wedding wear is a safe but sophisticated outfit option when it comes to the big day.

For the record, Alison from Plans & Presents, thinks that rustic and bohemian weddings are a huge trend this year and that tweed, “complements the styles of these weddings really well”.

The great thing about tweed is that it’s easy to pull off for a huge variety of weddings. As Jennifer Read, digital editor at Wedding Ideas says:

“If ever there was a time to start rifling through your Nan’s wardrobe, it’s now – as spring/summer 2019 has tweed written all over it!”

Head to toe tweed?

The versatility of tweed makes it ideal for toned-down casual wear or formal wedding wear.

You may be wondering whether a full tweed suit is the way to go or perhaps you should keep it more relaxed with some key pieces in this iconic material. Louise has got you covered here, explaining:

“Don’t feel as though you need to go head-to-toe tweed, you can mix and match for a really unique style. Items such as a tweed waistcoat or jacket teamed with chinos and bow tie will give a really cool wedding day look.”

Whether you’re going for an eccentric feel with a full tweed suit and matching flat cap or looking for a edgier, dapper vibe with a singular piece, you’ll definitely show plenty of flavour with your wedding outfit.

If you do want to go for full tweed, you could also try following Alison’s top tip and “mix things up by having different shades of tweed such as blue or grey, or different suit fits.”

Go crazy with colour

Tweed may be infamous for its forest hues and earthy tones, but there are plenty of colour combinations that could help spice up your wedding guest outfit.

Jennifer Read, digital editor at Wedding Ideas, takes her inspiration from royalty but is definitely a fan of bold colour, telling us:

“Kate Middleton recently stepped out in a tweed suit and kept it classic, but why not pair a tweed jacket with something unexpected like bright blue or yellow tailored trousers?”

Louise also approves of the colourful trend, saying:

“I think in 2019 we’re going to see even more tweed wedding attire choices, including different colourways, such as vibrant blues and greens for a twist on the traditional.”

Accessorise to complement

Accessorising with a matching flat cap and smart brogues makes for a classic, gentlemanly look.

No matter what kind of look you’re going for, adding a finishing touch with an accessory can take your look to the next level.

Claire Gould from The English Wedding Blog thinks the fabric is a retro must-have, especially when you go whole hog with accessories:

“It’s perfect for a vintage wedding look or for a countryside event – but never in a heatwave, and always with a flat cap and braces!”

Shoes also play an important role when thinking about what to wear to a wedding. For men, Alison suggests to, “complement [your outfit] with a pair of brogues, to complete the country gent look.”

Personality is always key

Whether you want to get some wear out of your classic tweed waistcoat or you’re interested in stepping that little bit out of your style comfort zone, “mixing classic styles and fabrics with bold modern influences is the key to standing out of any wedding crowd”, according to Jennifer.

Although you should take into consideration the British climate when planning your tweed wedding outfit, an important piece of advice from Claire is to “make sure it suits your personality and style!”

From everyone at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, we’d like to say a big thank you to all the bloggers that gave us these incredible style tips!

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