It’s time to tick this one off the to-do list; Top tips for how to organise your wardrobe

Remember that red sweater that you used to love? Where did that go? You don’t remember throwing it out. Could it be, in there…?

And when we say “there”, we mean the overlooked space with every piece of clothing you’ve ever owned strung and squished not-so-neatly into it. If you resonate with this image, then it may be time to find out how to organise your wardrobe.

Let’s be clear, we’re not here to shame. It’s a chore that we all avoid. That’s why we’ve rounded up these six tips to help you along the way.

Have a big clear out of your clothes

Now, if your wardrobe is overflowing, then there’s only one logical place to start and that’s by having a clear-out. The amount of clothes we own can build up over the years, as new trends and different times in our lives call for outfit changes.   

The best way to go about organising clothing you’ve had for a while, is to look at each piece of clothing you have and ask yourself the three questions below.

  1. Have you worn it within the last six months?
  2. Do you have any other items that you think it would pair well with?
  3. Does it mean a lot to you for a sentimental reason?

If the answer is “no” to the majority of the above, then get ready to say goodbye. Also, feel free to make the straightforward call of “this is not me anymore, it needs to go”.

We’d recommend disposing of your clothes in an environmentally friendly way; donating to your local charity shops, selling online or sharing with family or friends are good ways to do this.

Sort your clothes into seasons  

Our next tip is a real game-changer. A great way to reduce the amount of clutter – and brilliant for those trying to organise a small wardrobe – is to sort your clothes into season-appropriate sections.  

For example, if you’re ready to embrace summer and let your skirts take centre stage, then try segmenting off all your winter wear – think fleeces and scarves – into a neat box to go into storage (also known as ‘under the bed’).

This leaves more room to organise your clothes as your wardrobe should be more spacious now.

Put the clothes into categories, such as tops and bottoms

Hopefully, if you’ve taken heed of our first two tips, you’ll be down to a manageable size of clothing to sort. Here, we can look at organising the garments according to type. So, put your clothes into piles of tops, bottoms, jackets, underwear…you get the idea!

Now once you’ve got these sections you can go one step further – this tip is especially useful if you have an open or walk-in wardrobe – and colour code everything.

Have a little sing-song of the colours of the rainbow – red and orange and green and… – to get yourself into the swing of it. If you come across any multicoloured numbers and feel conflicted, don’t worry, just put that piece with the colour that is most prominent in it.

For example, check out this versatile abstract print jersey dress; there’s a few colours in there but blue is the standout, so this will blend with the blue clothes nicely.

abstract print jersey dress

Fold your clothes in the same formation

Some may consider this the boring part but we think it can be really satisfying! Folding your clothes in a clever way can save you a HUGE amount of wardrobe space.

Try folding your clothes into a rectangle and then simply roll them neatly from bottom to top, this works well for people who have wardrobes with draws as they can slot in nicely either upright, or flat.

If you don’t have draws and need a more sturdy option, we’d recommend folding into a rectangle again, but then folding twice to create a square.

By storing your clothes all the same way you’ll be able to position them neatly on top of each other.

As you fold, put the clothes back in colour order, and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

Consider a clothing rack

We’ve suggested sectioning your clothes into seasons, but we know the English weather likes to throw a few curveballs, usually in the form of some very unwelcome rain showers. With that in mind, you’ll still want to have some jumpers and coats in reach should you need them.

Enter, the clothes rail. If you have the room to add this accessory to your setup then you’re probably onto a winner. They’re great for hanging coats and your most beloved items, in particular the ones you’d rather not be creased by folding or, are awkward to fold, like dresses or shirts.

Also, no other wardrobe add-on shows off thoughtful colour coding like these rails do.

How to store delicate materials, like cashmere

When it comes to organising your wardrobe some items call for more attention, these are those with intricate designs or made from the most sought-after materials, such as cashmere.

Cashmere is beautiful and if you boast a bountiful collection you’ll know that avoiding moth damage is a real concern. As a starter, we’d recommend keeping any of these items of clothing aside from the rest of your clothes.

Secondly, if you do want to store them extra securely, then an air-tight storage bag (you can purchase designs specifically for this material), is your best bet. They can then slide effortlessly under the bed or be stored within your wardrobe. Our cashmere care guide has more in-depth tips on how to care for your favourite garments.

How to keep your wardrobe organised in the long-term

With the above six tips it’s likely your wardrobe will be in great shape for some time. That being said, we know these pesky spaces can easily slip back into their old dishevelled selves.

We find the following recommendations are key to keeping your clothes organised in the long-run:

  1. Schedule in a wardrobe clean (following the above top tips) at the beginning of every season. This means you’ll be organising it four times a year.
  2. Don’t let a ‘floordrobe’ (where your clothes decide to create a community of their own on your floor) happen. Ever.
  3. Consider what you already have when shopping, think about what outfits you can make and whether they’ll get to be showcased on the rail or in the draws.

We hope our top tips have helped you; please share any wardrobe pictures with us on Facebook, we’d love to see them! And if you’ve had a clear out and identified some new pieces of clothing that you need, then check out our men’s and women’s clothing collections!