Back to basics: Why you shouldn’t turn a blind eye when it comes to trouser care


Trousers are the unsung heroes of our wardrobes. They’re an integral part of any outfit but what’s more, they’re subjected to more stress and strain than almost any other item of clothing.


This means they can start to wear out pretty rapidly if they’re not properly stored and cared for. With that in mind it’s well worth making the effort to properly look after your trousers so that you keep them looking their best and so that you get the most out of them.


In this quick and simple guide to trouser care, we’ll give you lots of useful hints and tips about washing, ironing and storing your trousers; with the aim of making them last – and look great – for longer.


How to wash trousers

The first and perhaps the most important point to bear in mind when washing a pair of trousers is to pay close attention to the washing instructions which you’ll find on the label, so don’t ignore them! If your trousers are dry-clean only, then it’ll say so there (and if you miss this, it could have costly consequences).

Caring for your trousers carefully can keep them looking great for longer.


Always take care to separate your washing carefully. Some fabrics, such as denim, can wear down more delicate fibres when they’re put in the wash together. You can help to reduce fading by washing your trousers at lower temperatures and this also has the environmentally-friendly advantage of consuming less energy.


Washing your trousers inside-out can also help to ensure that they fade less, thereby keeping their character and colour for longer.


Ironing your trousers

To keep your trousers looking tailored and crisp, make sure you iron them regularly. It’s easy to let this slide, so make sure you get into the habit. Choose an iron that has multiple temperature settings so that you can select one which is appropriate to the fabric, and make sure it’s set to the correct temperature before ironing.


If you iron a particular fabric at the wrong temperature you may end up ruining or even scorching your trousers. Again, check the label on the trousers to see what temperature you should be ironing them at.


Watch out for stains before you start ironing your trousers. If there’s a stain, the heat from your iron might embed it into the fabric permanently – which is the last thing you want!


How to store your trousers

Storing trousers properly can also help you get more out of them. Always ensure that you hang your trousers up the right way after you’ve worn or washed them. They should be hung with the waist facing downwards.

When hanging your trousers up, always take care to maintain the crease.

When hanging your trousers up, make sure you maintain the crease and ensure the creases and seams are lined up with one another – you don’t want to be creating any new creases. Fold your trousers over the hanger one leg at a time, rather than simply putting them both in there are the same time, and for optimal storage try using wooden hangers rather than wire ones.


Top tips for buying trousers

Here are some useful points to consider when looking for the perfect pair of trousers:


  • Always pay close attention to fabric quality. This will probably do more to determine the longevity (or otherwise) of your trousers than anything else. Some fabrics retain shape better than others, while blended fabrics can be less hardwearing depending on the blend.
  • Choose trousers that suit your body shape. Trousers that are ill-suited to your body shape can be distinctly unflattering. Slim and skinny-fit styles, in particular, aren’t for everyone. If you’re of average or larger build, consider going for a straight-cut or relaxed-cut pair respectively.
  • Make sure the style is suited to the purpose. If you’re buying a pair of trousers for formal wear, avoid low-rise trousers that sit on the hip – these may make your legs look a bit short, unless you’re particularly tall. Mid-rise trousers should help to provide a more suitable sense of proportion.


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