Five sophisticated ways to wear your favourite cashmere jumper at home

Due to a certain shall-not-be-named virus, many of us have been prompted to tick off some well-avoided chores from our mental checklists – one of these being to delve into our neglected wardrobes and begin the dreaded organising that we’ve dodged for months (years).

But, if you’re someone who’s decided to take the plunge and reassess your clothing collection to make space for those pieces you’ve had your eye on, you may be lucky enough to stumble across an ever-classic cashmere jumper.

Cashmere, you say. In spring/summer? Absolutely. The sheer versatility of this natural fabric makes it a sophisticated choice for all at-home activities, no matter whether the British climate settles for glorious sunshine, overcast skies or drizzly days.

From virtual work conferences which call for professional upper-half attire, to more casual comfort and tactical layering for meanders in Mother Nature, we’ve picked five of our favourite ways to wear a cashmere jumper, with expert styling tips on how to get the most out of this luxurious fabric when you’re confined to home turf.

For working-hours sophistication

If you’re still beavering away at a working-from-home desk adaptation, then you may be aware that the modern-day video call can often catch you off guard. Whether you’re catching up with colleagues, dialling in to client conferences or even conducting a virtual video interview, nine times out of ten, it’s expected to still present yourself with peak professionalism.

We’ve claimed it before, but cashmere really is the unsung hero of versatility – and here’s why. Take this simple women’s jumper. Crafted with a commonly casual crew-neck cut (say that five times fast!) and with a typically daytime design of horizontal stripes, it’s a heavenly choice to pair with complimentary navy jeans.

On the contrary, swerve towards a more refined, work-friendly ensemble by tucking this staple piece into the tailored silhouette of classic-fit trousers. Be cautious of getting caught red-handed wearing unsuitable loungewear on your lower half though, as a combination of web camera peripherals and a higher chair or low desk could expose a tell-tale pyjama waistband!

We’d recommend polishing off your on-screen executive outfit with an expertly cut blazer in a similar navy. Opting for a light, linen fabric will prevent you feeling overly weighed down, while keeping your style oh-so-seasonal.

A striped cashmere jumper can be easily elevated with a lightweight linen blazer in matching navy.

For romantic, at-home date nights

You may be missing à la carte restaurant menus and craving your favourite decadent whiskey on the rocks, but it doesn’t mean you have to neglect date nights, and the finery that goes with them.

Creating an envious night in starts with a debonair outfit to impress, and this men’s cashmere jumper strikes an incredible balance between comfort and class. With a timeless V-neckline and finely woven 100% cashmere fabric, its practical luxury is a winner for wining and dining.

Pair with an enduring collared shirt in matching monochromatic blue for a look to wow by candlelight.

Layer this lightweight cashmere V-neck with a collared shirt for a dapper date-night look.

For fun family quizzes on a Friday night

When Friday evening rolls around, a family quiz night is a very apt way to celebrate the end of the working week’s trials and tribulations. Jumping on the innovative group video call bandwagon is a grand way to chatter with far-flung family members and companions across the globe, but that being said, how can you zhoosh a women’s cashmere jumper into a night-time look?

Tempting though it may be to slip into thread-bare loungewear that’s seen better days, a restyle into this sumptuous fabric is bound to give you well-deserved confidence boost.

This gorgeous grey number is a dreamy delectation for evenings which call for supreme comfort with a generous helping of elegance. With flattering cowl-neck draping and matching cuffs in a pale stone tint, easily wear with your favourite stretch trousers before adorning your camera-ready look with similarly hued silver jewellery and a slick of lipstick.

This cowl-neck cashmere jumper is perfect for cosy Friday nights in with a hint of flair.

For British countryside ambles

It seems that now more than ever we’re taking advantage of the beauty of the great outdoors. With luscious green pastures and cascading hills, we’re blessed with British countryside in abundance.

However, no matter if you’re taking a short stroll to your local shop or an ambitious hike to the nearest highland, cashmere’s unique properties are what make this fibre such a staple. Combining high breathability and moisture-wicking abilities with medium heat retention and stretch, a cashmere jumper is an undeniable choice for layering on top of simple, cotton t-shirts in all spring/summer climates.

For country gents who want to achieve a contemporary air, this men’s zip-neck jumper will be at the very top of your wish list. Woven into a ribbed fabric and with trending zip-up neckline, this oat-coloured design is stellar for all-weather walks.

This cosy, cashmere zip-up jumper is unbeatable for practical countryside layering.

For casual weekend lounging

When the weekend finally rolls around, being swaddled in soft, luxurious fabrics offering the epitome of comfort is often number one priority.

From around-the-house lounging to practical errand running, a cashmere jumper offering simple style is a must. Stick to unrestrictive, sweeping necklines such as this flattering Bardot jumper to help elongate the neck; skimming just the top of the collar bones, this design is great for layering a contrasting t-shirt underneath too.

Three-quarter sleeves with delicate stripe detailing also make this silhouette ideal to help bridge the gap between seasons. Choose a lightweight jersey skirt in an abstract print with hints of teal before tucking in your jumper for an effortless look.

Simple Bardot necklines and three-quarter sleeves make weekend lounging more stylish.

Feeling inspired by our top cashmere styling suggestions for all at-home occasions? Browse our full collection of cashmere jumpers for men and women here for the latest designs crafted from this luxurious, sought-after fabric.