Tweed outfit inspiration from the style experts

Some shapes, some patterns, some fabrics, seem to stand the test of time indefinitely.

Just when you think that your favourite material is destined for the charity shop, it’ll start cropping up all over the place; getting reworked and reimagined by fashion houses, high-street stores like yours truly, and people you follow on Facebook. Then all of a sudden, you get to be the style mainstay who never stopped wearing it.

Harris Tweed is absolutely the perfect example; quintessentially British, quality enduring. Well-built tweed outfits in 2020 will never leave you choosing between fashion and style. And why should you?

Explore these inspirational how-to-wear ideas below, with thanks to Luke Catleugh, Gary Norton, and Nigel Clifford Charles Card.

Nigel’s country-inspired tweed waistcoat

A tweed outfit just right for a country walk. This tweed waistocat pairs perfectly with jeans and a cotton shirt.

@nicharles_card is not your average model. With his magnificent beard and classic, distinguished dress sense, Mr. Card has the kind of look that makes you sit up and listen, whether he’s opting for formal layering with vibrant prints, three-piece suits or biker leathers and jeans.

Who says that Harris Tweed waistcoats aren’t made for every day? In our minds, a suit vest saved purely for dignified occasions is a wasted opportunity!

Take a leaf out of Nigel’s book and give this Burra waistcoat a new lease of life and a country feel with turned-up jeans and a soft cotton shirt with rolled sleeves; nature and walking stick optional.

Note how he breaks up three blue hues with his tweed, too. Nicely done, Nigel.

Crafted colour pairing with a tweed cap

 Ideal for city strolling, this tweed outfit combines cap, checks and overcoat.

Describing @lukecatleugh’s style as refined is an understatement. This fashion, travel, food and lifestyle blogger has mastered sophisticated layering; combining quality fabrics with sleek tailoring and statement prints, Luke seems to have a penchant for wool, knits and check.

He makes styling a Harris Tweed cap look easy, and it can be! Follow Mr. Catleugh’s lead and ensure the shade of your flat cap is mirrored lower down, so it doesn’t look like a last-minute addition. This pairing brings out the navy in his overcoat beautifully.

While cap and coat wouldn’t look far out of place in an episode of Peaky Blinders, he’s brought them into 2020 with a pair of casual jeans and jumper base.

Contrasting fabrics and earthy tones

 A vintage tweed outfit complete with a multi-coloured flat cap.

If you head over to Gary’s Instagram page, you’ll see that this gent loves eclectic prints, corduroy and cardigans, plus heaps of tweed, whether it comes in the form of a waistcoat, jacket or cap.

Teaming forest-green knit with earthy brown corduroys and a multi-coloured Harris Tweed flat cap, @nortonofmorton mixes fabrics like nobody’s business for a nostalgic, vintage look.

You’ll also spot Mr. Norton’s signature shirt-and-tie combination underneath; Gary is rarely seen without a tie or braces, which give his outfits a unique edge.

There you have it. When a fabric has been around for several centuries, you can be sure that it will endure passing trends, but there’s no reason it can’t work hand-in-hand with them. It’ll always make our day when we see people of all ages making Harris Tweed their own.

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