The Most Outrageous Male Golfers of All Time: Extreme Golf Wear & Raucous Antics!


Over the years we’ve seen incredible developments in the game of golf, and a variety of talented golfers have blazed the trail; reaching new highs and keeping the sport interesting for all of us.


There are some professional golf players that stick in our mindsmore than others though, not just due to their skill but also thanks to their likeable, colourful personalities, and behaviour on and off the green!


From John Daly and Walter Hagan to Payne Stewart and Rickie Fowler, our favorite outrageous golfers are on this list for lots of reasons; including their genuine prowess on the fairway, their outlandish dress sense and more. Read on for our top picks!



John “Long John” Daly

Mr Daly might be infamous for his tumultuous private life, which has been splashed across papers; for his bizarrely printed trousers and clashing polo shirts, and for removing said shirts more than you’d expect him to, but he also has one hell of a powerful swing!


The only golfer to average over 300 yards per drive in the PGA Tour until 2003, Daly may have had a yo-yoing career thanks to personal issues, but many a time he has proved himself competent in the short game too, and achieved impressive victories.


This favorite among golf aficionados is also friends with President of the United States, Donald Trump! Whether you admire his golf performance or not, you can’t deny that Long John is an unusual character.


Image Credit One: Keith Allison, Flickr.

Image Credit Two: Keith Allison, Flickr.


Walter “The Haig” Hagen

The Haig’s professional golfing career began in 1912 and included 75 wins, 45 of which were in the PGA Tour (which puts him 8th on the list for most official PGA wins).


Perhaps it was a lust for life that secured such a good track record for Sir Walter, who also boasted an impressive swing, and once expressed the mantra, “don’t hurry, don’t worry, you’re only here for a short visit, so be sure to smell the flowers along the way.”


We can get on board with that. Walter Hagan dressed solely in luxurious, expensive fabrics, that were bright and well-tailored, and he regularly turned up to matches after a wild night out and minimal sleep.


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.


Doug “Peacock of the Fairways” Sanders

With a relatively short professional golfing career, Doug Sanders made his mark quickly between the late ‘50s and early ‘70s, gaining 24 professional wins and soon becoming known as the “Peacock of the Fairways”for his flamboyant dress sense.


It became commonplace to look out for Sanders at tournaments, if only to see what he had chosen to wear from his extensive wardrobe each time!


Outside of the game, The Peacock enjoyed partying with Frank Sinatra and other friends from the Rat Pack, and lived what he still calls “a sinful life”!




William “Payne” Stewart

Well-known for his bright, co-ordinated golf wear, Payne Stewart was instantly identifiable on the course.


With knee-high socks, a baker boy cap and trousers that were crossed between traditional golfing plus twos and knickerbockers, he always made his mark.


This golf legend was taken far too early in a tragic accident at the age of 42, just months after securing a third major championship win, with 11 PGA Tour victories already under his belt.




Rickie Fowler

At the tender age of 28, Rickie Fowler shows about as much talent for the game as a young man can, with seven professional wins to his name so far!


Almost wholly self-taught, Fowler has plenty of fans already and is known for his loud, sunny golf outfits and matching baseball caps, as well as his boyish hairstyle.

Image Credit One: Keith Allison, Flickr.


Image Credit Two: Keith Allison, Flickr.


Whether you’re a fan of their dress sense or not though; you’ve got to admit, these golfers have got style when they’re on the course!


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