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The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Guide to Lambswool Aftercare


The Edinburgh Woollen Mill takes great pride in producing some of the best lambswool knitwear on the high street today. With years of technical, design and manufacturing experience our aim is to produce knitwear that is built to last.


With correct care and consideration one of our jumpers should last and be a pleasure to wear for many years.









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We manufacture our lambswool with a specially developed process that makes it suitable for machine washing. Turn your jumper inside out before washing and set your washing machine on a lambswool setting, it is important to check that the temperature is set no higher than 40 degrees; this is of key importance to prevent shrinkage.


Important: Try to use Woolmark endorsed powder or detergent, if it is not, be sure to read the small print to check that it is suitable for wool.






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Gently shape your jumper once it has been washed – while it is still damp lay it on a flat surface and carefully ease it into shape.  It is best not tumble dry lambswool jumpers, instead let them dry naturally in a spot with good airflow away from direct heat and sunlight. It is better to dry your lambswool jumper supported on a drying rail than to peg or hang it up.


Important: Never twist or wring your lambswool jumper to speed up drying.






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A lambswool jumper will become less wrinkled as it dries, so it should be unnecessary to iron it, but if you prefer to, be sure to iron your lambswool jumper inside out and use steam, it is also best to never iron a jumper that is totally dry, do so when it is still a little damp.


Tip: You can ‘refresh” lambswool knitwear by hanging it a steamy bathroom for a few minutes.




lambswool, and knitwear generally, should be stored loosely folded in a drawer or on a shelf. Never use a coat hanger as the jumper will become misshaped.


Top tip: Surface piling and fluff build up is a natural characteristic of lambswool knitwear and knitwear generally. We recommend purchasing a de-bobbling comb to easily re-move any piling that occurs.


We hope that by following this simple guide that you will enjoy and prolong the life span of your lambswool knitwear.


Lambswool is by far the most popular natural fibre knitwear in the UK and at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill we offer an extensive range of lambswool knitwear for women and men available in a huge choice of styles and colours.


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