If you were lucky enough to receive some Aran knitwear for Christmas, you’ll know that this timelessly stylish textile is one of the most comfortable and warming materials you’ll have the pleasure of wearing. Even better, when your knitwear is from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, you know that long-lasting quality is guaranteed, so your gift-giver will stay in the good books for some time – we’re sure they’ll be pleased about that.


Each knitting pattern seen in this material carries with it a little bit of history, as they were first designed to represent fishing tools and had symbolic meanings. In fact, they were originally worn only by fishermen on the Aran Islands in Ireland, and used to identify the man’s family or village if they were in an accident at sea.


Of course this meant that the material had to be durable, as waterproof as possible and cosy to keep the fishermen comfortable, and one of our favourite things about Aran knitwear is the fact it is water repellent – the wool density prevents rain from seeping through, and it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet!


As with any high-quality, luxury fabric Aran knitwear requires some aftercare to ensure it continues to look its best for as long as possible. To properly protect your garments, here is The Edinburgh Woollen Mill Guide to Aran knitwear aftercare.








Our Aran knitwear is manufactured to withstand washing in a machine, although your garment should be turned inside out and washed on a wool setting at no more than 40 degrees. Following these instructions alongside using a wool-friendly detergent will ensure that your item doesn’t shrink.



It is best to reshape your garment and leave it to dry naturally – supported by a clothes maiden with a good flow of air – rather than hanging it on either hangers or pegs. Most importantly, do not try to wring the material dry – you won’t believe how fast wool dries on its own!



Avoid storing your knitwear on a hanger as it can make the material lose shape. Instead fold loosely and store flat in a dry area. If you’re worried about moth holes – which can happen to the best of us! – try storing alongside preventative lavender or using polythene bags as moths will not eat through plastic.



Despite the care that goes into making our quality Aran, all knitwear can fall foul of surface piling with extended wear. We recommend purchasing a de-bobbling comb and reading our surface piling guide for tips!


If youweren’t fortunate enough to find some Aran knitwear in your Christmas stocking, browse the whole collection at The Edinburgh Woollen Mill today and inject some enduring style and a sense of heritage into your winter wardrobe. From classic options to more practical, everyday designs – your Aran is sure to keep you feeling snug and looking good for years to come.