Famous Scottish Actors and Actresses:
The Best of a Great Bunch


The actors and actresses born in our great nation hold a special place in our hearts. They’ve made waves in global cinema and excelled in a variety of parts, playing everyone from our country’s decorated heroes and heroines to the average Joe – or Josephine.


Old and new, we’re proud that this talent came from Scotland, and as we’re feeling particularly patriotic today, we thought we’d create a list of our favourites.


Keep reading for some of the best, famous Scottish actors and actresses and see if you agree with our choices!


Annette Crosbie

Annette Crosbie longed to be an actor from a very young age in spite of disapproving parents; but regardless of her perseverance and passion, her journey to success wasn’t a quick one.


Though she has now been award an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II for services to drama, Crosbie didn’t see her big break until 1970, after quite a few years in the business.


You’re sure to know Annette from One Foot in the Grave as the brilliant Margaret Meldrew, but her performance of Catherine of Aragon in The Six Wives of Henry VIII is unparalleled, and she was great in Calendar Girls too!

Image Source:  UPPA / Starstock


Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery, who retired from the acting world in 2012, was knighted by the queen in 2000,partway through a glittering career that is still widely talked of and respected today, among other actors and the public.


As Connery was the original James Bond, many who love the series (including the later films) believe that there can be no other true Bond, that no other actor has matched his performances.


However, Connery’s career was long, varied and contained plenty of other gems.


You might also have seen him in the American gangster film The Untouchables and in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade which requires no introduction!

Image Source: Wikipedia


Billy Connolly

Sometimes known “The Big Yin”, Billy’s full title is Sir William Connolly, as he has now been knighted for services to entertainment and charity, and we can’t imagine a more deserving person to bestow this honour upon!


Connolly’s colourful life; featuring stints as a welder, a folk singer and a glorious career as a side-splitting comedian,is perhaps partly responsible for his wonderful capabilities as an actor.


You might have seen him in children’s favourites such as Muppet Treasure Island and Pocahontas, in a whole host of comedies including The Imposters, and even a few thrillers, including the dangerously gripping The Debt Collector.

Image Source: Wikipedia


David Tennant

Lifelong Doctor Who fans might have been worried when the show returned, that the new series’ couldn’t live up to their predecessors.


After a first, warm-up series with Christopher Eccleston, the show really came into its own for us when David Tennant took over as the 10th Doctor. He even used an English accent that would dupe the most devoted Scot into doubting his West Lothian origins.


However, Mr Tennant is by no means a one-trick pony.If you haven’t seen him in the likes of Secret Smile, a thrilling British drama, or the ITV crime series Broadchurch, in which he plays a troubled detective, then you haven’t yet seen the extent of his skills!

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Rose Leslie

An actress who has come to our attention more recently, Rose Leslie quickly won audiences’ hearts as Gwen Dawson in Downton Abbey and Ygritte in Game of Thrones – and we’re no exception!


This talented, red-haired 30-year-old was born into nobility in Aberdeen, though her roots come as a surprise to many, as her accent is more likely to be described as Southern-English than hailing from the North-East of Scotland!


Professionally trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Rose is clearly a very talented young actor, and we are keen to see more of her in future!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


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