Three ways to wear cashmere

With winter fast approaching it’s time to start thinking about cosy knitwear and warm jumpers for the colder weather.  At The Edinburgh Woollen Mill one of our firm favourites for the winter months is a cashmere jumper. They look beautiful worn with a simple camisole on a lady or as a smart warm layer on top of a man’s a shirt.

A cashmere item offers a little touch of luxury. The fabric is softer and more tactile than wool, however far less cashmere than sheep’s’ wool is produced every year.

The fabric is made from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats. However, the production process is a labour intensive exercise. Separating the soft undercoat for the coarser outercoat of the goat can involve combing through and sorting the hair by hand, and so only around  6,500 metric tons of cashmere is produced annually, compared to almost two million metric tons of sheep’swool.

The exclusive fabric is a winter wardrobe staple and a must-have from this season’s The Edinburgh Woollen Mill collection.  Here are our suggestions for ways to wear cashmere.

The Classic V-Neck Jumper

Available in a rainbow of beautiful colours, no wardrobe is complete without a classic cashmere V-Neck. Wear yours with jeans at the weekend or a smart pencil skirt or chinos for the office. The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s Cashmere V-Neck Jumpers are fully machine washable.




Cashmere V-Neck Jumper – £65.00

Cashmere V-Neck Jumper – £65.00

Cashmere V-Neck Jumper – £65.00

Cashmere V-neck Jumper – £160.00


The Cashmere Cardigan

A cashmere cardigan is a versatile layering piece, perfect for our unpredictable British climate! You can brighten up any outfit with a pretty printed cardigan or even wear a block colour cardigan buttoned up as a top in its own right.


Cashmere Fairisle Cardigan – £95.00

Cashmere Cardigan – £100

Cashmere High Button Cardigan – £75.00

Cashmere Fairisle Cardigan – £110.00


The Cashmere Scarf

Whether for a chilly evening out or to add a splash of colour to your outfit, a cashmere scarf is a beautiful winter accessory.  The unisex design from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill is available in a selection of solid colours or tartans and fantastic value at the special offer price of two for just £65.


Pure Cashmere Scarf – £35.00


To view the full cashmere collection from The Edinburgh Woollen Mill, click here.